Office Phone Number: (405) 974-4700

Sephra Scheuber is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University's prestigious audio engineering program. She has been singing professionally since the age of 10, when she joined a girls’ a cappella group that went on to record two albums and win the International Rising Star contest with the first and only perfect score in the history of the competition. Since then, Sephra has recorded as a solo artist and as a part of several groups, and she has been called upon often as a backup singer for studio sessions as well as live shows by many of her cohorts in the Nashville and Oklahoma City areas.

Sephra and her husband (Matt) have a professional grade home studio in Moore, where they continue to make waves with their company, Shmoe Creative. Through Shmoe Creative, Sephra and Matt run an indie record label (Shmoe Records) and do other creative projects with sound. While Sephra is primarily a singer/songwriter and producer, she also plays many other instruments, and has many passions. Sephra's favorite band at the moment is Dirty Projectors. 

Areas of Specialization
  • Vocal Health and Expression
  • Backing vocals and harmonies
  • Folk and art pop music production
  • Pro Tools ACI Expert - Music