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Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Danny Hargis is the quintessential “musician’s musician.”  At age 13, he began a journey two decades in the making to become a “guitarist.”

Danny states that in Malcolm Gladwell’s best-selling novel, “Outliers: The Story of Success,” Gladwell writes that to become proficient at any skill or discipline, one needs to invest 10,000 hours to be “good.”  If there are 2,080 work hours in a year, Gladwell’s theory suggests that a person would need to practice a skill full-time for five years to reach proficiency.  Danny Hargis has been practicing, learning, writing, teaching, performing and living guitar for 30 years.  In work hours that is the equivalent of almost 75,000 hours.  Hargis meets the “Gladwell Test.”

His teaching philosophy is a reflection of his musical career: a labyrinth of practical application.  In the classroom he has led hundreds of guitar students on a search to find their passion for music and performance.  Some have gone on to make music a professional pursuit, some have used their music to lay a solid foundation of personal fulfillment and all have found a higher level of inspiration, achievement and self-confidence.

An ACM@UCO music instructor since 2010, Danny understands that becoming a journeyman musician requires the forging of concentric skill sets, inspiration and passion.  He helps students find their perfect third while mastering technique, tone, attack and style.  He assesses and amplifies students’ innate musical talents.  His pledge is to invigorate students’ appetite for the guitar.